Why Gaelic?



There are many good reasons why people learn Gaelic.  Below is a list that some of our pupils collated telling why they chose to study Gaelic or Gàidhlig in the Academy:

  • Learning languages helps you develop a range of skills and abilities which are useful in your future life & work.
  • Gaelic is part of our Scottish heritage.  Learning Gaelic will allow you to appreciate Scotland’s past and understand how this impacts on the present.
  • It helps you to understand the local culture of the Highlands.
  • Learning Gaelic will allow you to talk to Gaelic speakers in their native language.
  • You can enjoy participating in Gaelic cultural activities.
  • You can enjoy watching Gaelic programmes & listening to Gaelic radio.
  • By learning Gaelic we are helping to reverse the language decline which has taken place over previous centuries.
  • There are many career opportunities open to Gaelic speakers.   Increasingly there are opportunities for Gaelic speakers in occupations such as the media, education, government, community development and the arts.

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