Mod practices

Anyone requiring copies and/or help with Mod poetry or conversation should see Miss McLennan Thursday 27th in Room 234 at 1pm.

Anyone who has signed up for solo singing and needs music/words/help should see Miss McLennan Friday 28th in Room 234 1pm.

Further sessions and resources will then be arranged to help prepare pupils for the local Mod which takes place on Friday 16th June.ACG_logo.jpg


Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail 2016 / Royal National Mod 2016

Pupils from Inverness Royal Academy represented the school in a variety of competitions at this year’s Royal National Mod hosted by the Western Isles. We would like to commend all those who participated, took time from their holidays and travelled to represent the school. All performed to the very best of their ability and were a credit to the school. Prize-winners are listed below.

Also taking part in the name of the school were Calum Dunbar (S1), Eilidh Russell (S2) and Marianna MacLean (S2). Unfortunately they haven’t returned with prizes this year, but gave great performances nonetheless.

Gold Medals

Finlay MacLennan  (S1)    Traditional Solo singing, boys, fluent, u13

Angus MacPhee      (S4)    Solo piping, u19 Ceòl Mòr na h-Òigridh

Kirstyn Howarth     (S4)    Duet, fluent,13-15 (with Faith Elson)

Finlay MacLennan              Conversation, fluent, u13

Angus MacPhee                  Solo piping, u18, March

Silver Medals

Finlay MacLennan              Solo singing of prescribed song, boys, fluent, u13

Finlay MacLennan              Solo Fiddle, u13

Finlay MacLennan              Recitation of prescribed poetry, fluent, u13

Bronze Medals

Eilidh MacPhee       (S3)    Solo piping, 13-15, March


Eilidh MacPhee                   Solo piping, 13-15, Strathspey & Reel

Angus MacPhee                  Solo piping, u18, Strathspey & Reel

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