S2 Gaelic Drama Work

S2 Gaelic have just begun to prepare drama sketches bringing together all they have studied so far in S1 and S2. They are expected to produce polished performances of about 3 minutes each based on scenarios given and must include key phrases provided. Pupils will be assessed on their group work as well as spoken Gaelic and their performance. See the attached document for the groups and scenarios. Miss McLennan is hoping for some good comedies with some serious acting!

S2 Drama Scenarios


Language Nut Trial

S1 and S2 Gaelic classes are currently trialing LanguageNut, an online language learning resource. Each pupil has their own username and password and progress can be monitored by the class teacher. The trial runs until 13th March in which time pupils are asked to complete as many sections as they can. ‘Medals’ are awarded for each section and there may well be a prize for the pupil in each class with the highest number of medals after the trial ends…. The website can be accessed at home using the link below:



Gaelic Learners Textbook

A reminder for S1 Gaelic pupils that the course textbook can be accessed online at http://www.storlann.co.uk/ceumannan/ 

This can be used to revise what we have done in class, to help with homework or to show parents what we have been working on recently.

When you open the link, scroll down to the box on the right hand side ‘Luchdaich a-nuas’ and choose the relevant textbook chapter. This will open a PDF file of the chapter which you can then download to your computer.20161116_173442

Sound files used in class are also available on this website. At the very bottom of the page, you will see a yellow post it listing the chapters. Again, chose the relevant chapter and the sound file page will open. It can be quite tricky to use but it’s worth having a go as it will let you hear the correct pronunciation of new words.

S2 Gaelic Film G – an update

Yesterday was a big day for the S2 Gaelic learners because they filmed for the FilmG competition. All their hard work has come into use. Yesterday, we spent all day filming and today we are going to be editing all day. The filming was hard work and it took a couple of times to get each scene right but we hope it all turns out well. We are excited to see the end result. Dol Eoin is the professional camera and sound man who helped us with the filming and is currently helping us with the editing.

Caitlyn and Emma

S2 have been developing their Gaelic speaking skills through taking part in this project but they have also had a chance to work together as a team, developing their communication skills. They have each had the opportunity to work with camera, sound and editing equipment, giving them new technical media skills. The film is currently being edited and will be uploaded to the FilmG website in coming months as part of their youth competition. Keep an eye out for updates as to when voting is open and please vote for us as your favourite film! Thanks to Dòl Eoin for keeping us right throughout the process.


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S2 Gaelic learners FilmG competition-The Beginning

This week S2 Gaelic learners are taking part in the FilmG competition, this will help us improve on our Gaelic as well as our co-operation skills. We have started thinking of ideas and sorted out every ones roles. The filming will start on Monday and a few experts will be coming in to assist our crews. Filming will take all day, therefore the pupils will miss all of their classes on Monday. Editing will take place on Tuesday and one of the experts from the previous day will be coming in to help with the editing.

Caitlyn and Emma

Taic le Gàidhlig

The Gaelic department offers a homework/study club aimed at S1 and S2 Gaelic every Wednesday at 1pm in Room 234. Pupils are invited to drop in for help with homework, support with topics covered in class or for a bit of extra practice.

Other year groups and Gàidhlig pupils are also welcome.

Please come along or speak to your class teacher before the deadline if you have any problems with homework. We are here to help!

See below for the club poster.

Taic le Gaidhlig