Tasglann na Gàidhealtachd

Chaidh clasaichean Eachdraidh S3&4 gu Ionad–Tasglan na Gàidhealtachd. Bha leabhraichean, litrichean is paipearean fiosrachail air an taisbeanadh dhuinn agus sinn a’ rannsachadh Malairt Thrailleachd a’ Chuan Shiair. Rannsaich sinn a  bhuaidh a bh’aige  ri baile Inbhir Nis – mar eiseimpleir, gun deach an sgoil againn a thogail le airgead bhon mhalairt.  Bha e duilich cuid de na paipearan a leughadh air sgaths bha an sgriobhadh cho sean – agus an cuspair cho brònach . Ghabh sinn notaichean air na dh’ionnsaich sinn. Fhuair sinn cuideachd cothrom faicinn na storan mora de leabharaichean is paipearan nach àbhaist dhan phoball fhaicinn. Leugh sinn litrichean bho Alexander Baillie agus Seumas Friseil ag innse mun obair ghrannda as an robh iad an sàs is cho beartach is a dh’ fhàs iad.  Chuala sinn mu Ealasaid NicDhiarmaid a bha na tràill air aon àm, mus d’ fhuair i saorsa. (Chùm i fhèin an uairsin traillean ge-ta!) Chaidh a ceathrar chloinne an toirt a dh’ Alba is chaidh an cuir gu sgoil ann am Farrais. Chan fhaca iad am mathair tuilleadh.

Chord an turas annasach seo  rinn gu mor!!

The S3 & 4 Eachdraidh classes visited the Highland Archive Centre in Inverness. We saw many books, letters and important documents about the Atlantic Slave Trade. From these documents we got to see a connection between the Highlands and the West Indies at this terrible time. We also got to see the Strong Room where all of the archives are held. We also saw a very old book from the 1500’s which was really interesting but difficult to read! We read letters written by Elizabeth McDermott who had been a slave but was then a ‘free’ woman who owned slaves herself. She had four children taken from her, they were sent to Forres to school, they never saw their mother again It was a really interesting trip and we really enjoyed it!





S3/4 Gaelic Trip to Leodhas

S3/4 Gaelic have just returned from a fantastic three day trip to the Isle of Lewis. We left Inverness Royal Academy at 8am on Monday and were driven to Ullapool in the school minibus. (Thanks Mr T!) The ferry over to Lewis was much bumpier than anyone had expected but luckily no one was too ill! We changed at the hostel into school uniform before visiting the Nicolson Institute and taking part in a quiz with one of their S3 learner classes. We then visited the new e-Sgoil and were given a presentation on how it works and a tour of the building. We had dinner at the Crown Hotel where everyone ordered their food in Gaelic. In the evening, we played Gaelic Uno. On Tuesday, we were picked up by a minibus and taken on a tour of the West Side. The first stop was Arnol blackhouse where we were given a Gaelic medium quiz which was quite tricky but was good practice for our language skills. We then stopped at Shawbost Norse Mill where Miss McLennan told us a bit about how it was used and we tried to work out the mechanisms. At Dun Carloway, we visited the small visitor centre before a short walk up to the broch. Miss McLennan talked about how and why it was built and used over the centuries. We have a picnic at Dail Mor beach and then played some games. In the afternoon, we went to Calanais Stones and the neighbouring visitor centre. On our return to Stornoway, we stopped off at the Lewis War Memorial and looked at the names of those lost in war and admired the view. Our final, most poignant, stop was at the Iolaire memorial where we were drenched but this only added to the atmosphere as Miss McLennan told the story of what had happened there. On Tuesday evening, some went to visit their island families while others had a fish supper in the hostel where we sang ceilidh songs and played some silly games. On Wednesday morning, we first went to the Lews Castle museum where we learnt more about history and culture of the islands. After a short walk back into the town centre, we had some free time at the shops and cafes. We collected our bags from the hostel before making our way to the ferry. On the ferry, we were very lucky and were taken up to the bridge and told about all the technology they use to navigate across the Minch. Some of the group also saw dolphins from the ferry as we passed the Summer Isles. The school minibus collected us from Ullapool and we were back in Inverness just after 6pm. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trip and was very reluctant to return!

Turas: S3/4 Gaelic Trip to Lewis

S3 and S4 Gaelic (learner) pupils have been issued with a letter detailing their upcoming trip to the Isle of Lewis. Please read the letter carefully before returning the form section by no later than Friday 1st September. If you have any questions about the trip, please contact Miss McLennan through the school. Extra copies of the letter can be found by clicking the link below.

Letter home

CLAS writing competition success

More good news from the Gaelic department!

All S1-3 pupils in Gaelic and Gaidhlig recently took part in a national writing competition and Emily Forsyth’s piece ‘Mise’ won first prize in the learners category. All pupils who entered will be awarded with a certificate for their hard work.

Emily (S3) is seen below with Mrs Currie who presented her with a certificate, gift card and a booklet in which her story has been published.

‘S math a rinn thu Emily!


S4/5 Gaidhlig air an Tbh!

Air Dihaoine, bha sinn air faighneachd ceistean mu phòsadh agus air clàradh airson program mu phòsadh airson BBC Alba a tha air a dhèanamh le MacTV.

Dh’fhaighnich iad mu dheidhinn na beachdan againn air pòsadh. Bha sinn ag innse dhaibh nach bhiodh sinn deiseil airson pòsadh aig an aois againn, ged as urrainn dhuinn. Bha e gu math spòrsail agus ’s e deagh latha bh’ ann. Chòrd e rinn uile gu mòr!

S5 Gàidhlig

Inverness Mòd Success


Inverness Royal Academy were well represented at Mòd Inbhir Nis last week. Pupils included Gaelic Learner and Gaidhlig Medium pupils from S1-6. All pupils performed admirably whether they were eventual prize-winners or not.

The following pupils achieved Gold, Silver and Bronze medal success on the day and on Saturday’s competitions:

(Competition entries marked * had been submitted before the day)


Natalie Cowan                   Solo singing of a prescribed song (girls), 16-19 years, open.

Calum Dunbar                   Conversation, age 12, fluent

Kirstyn Howarth               Duet singing, own choice, 13-15, fluent

Kirstyn Howarth               Solo singing of a traditional song, age 16-18

Kirstyn Howarth               Conversation, 16-18, fluent

Finlay MacLennan            Art with Gaelic content. Entries from secondary S1-6  *

Finlay MacLennan            Recitation of Verse, 13-15, fluent

Angus MacPhee                 Piping, March, under 18

Angus MacPhee                Piping, Strathspey and Reel, under 18

Eilidh MacPhee                 Piping, March, under 15

Eilidh MacPhee                 Piping, Strathspey and Reel, under 15

Calum Miller                       Conversation, 13-15, Learners

Andrew Wilson                 Solo singing of a prescribed song (boys), 13-15 years, learners



Emma Campbell               Art with Gaelic content. Entries from secondary S1-6   *

Calum Dunbar                   Piping, Strathspey and Reel, under 13

Kirstyn Howarth               Solo singing of a prescribed song (girls), 16-19 years, open

Finlay MacLennan            Solo singing of a prescribed song (boys), 13-15 years, fluent

Eilidh MacPhee                 Conversation, 13-15, fluent

Eilidh Russell                      Reading at sight, 13-15, fluent


Calum Dunbar                   Piping, March, under 13

Calum Dunbar                   Reading at sight, 11-13, fluent

Grace King                          Recitation of Verse, 13-15, learners

George MacIver               Art with Gaelic content. Entries from secondary S1-6 *

Lorne MacKenzie            Solo singing of a prescribed song (boys), 13-15 years, fluent

Finlay MacLennan          Reading at sight, 13-15, fluent

Eilidh MacPhee                 Solo singing of a traditional song, age 13-15

Congratulations to all who took part!