S2 Gaelic Film G – an update

Yesterday was a big day for the S2 Gaelic learners because they filmed for the FilmG competition. All their hard work has come into use. Yesterday, we spent all day filming and today we are going to be editing all day. The filming was hard work and it took a couple of times to get each scene right but we hope it all turns out well. We are excited to see the end result. Dol Eoin is the professional camera and sound man who helped us with the filming and is currently helping us with the editing.

Caitlyn and Emma

S2 have been developing their Gaelic speaking skills through taking part in this project but they have also had a chance to work together as a team, developing their communication skills. They have each had the opportunity to work with camera, sound and editing equipment, giving them new technical media skills. The film is currently being edited and will be uploaded to the FilmG website in coming months as part of their youth competition. Keep an eye out for updates as to when voting is open and please vote for us as your favourite film! Thanks to Dòl Eoin for keeping us right throughout the process.


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