Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail 2016 / Royal National Mod 2016

Pupils from Inverness Royal Academy represented the school in a variety of competitions at this year’s Royal National Mod hosted by the Western Isles. We would like to commend all those who participated, took time from their holidays and travelled to represent the school. All performed to the very best of their ability and were a credit to the school. Prize-winners are listed below.

Also taking part in the name of the school were Calum Dunbar (S1), Eilidh Russell (S2) and Marianna MacLean (S2). Unfortunately they haven’t returned with prizes this year, but gave great performances nonetheless.

Gold Medals

Finlay MacLennan  (S1)    Traditional Solo singing, boys, fluent, u13

Angus MacPhee      (S4)    Solo piping, u19 Ceòl Mòr na h-Òigridh

Kirstyn Howarth     (S4)    Duet, fluent,13-15 (with Faith Elson)

Finlay MacLennan              Conversation, fluent, u13

Angus MacPhee                  Solo piping, u18, March

Silver Medals

Finlay MacLennan              Solo singing of prescribed song, boys, fluent, u13

Finlay MacLennan              Solo Fiddle, u13

Finlay MacLennan              Recitation of prescribed poetry, fluent, u13

Bronze Medals

Eilidh MacPhee       (S3)    Solo piping, 13-15, March


Eilidh MacPhee                   Solo piping, 13-15, Strathspey & Reel

Angus MacPhee                  Solo piping, u18, Strathspey & Reel

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Luchd Turais Cànan Fryske / The Gaelic Dept welcomes a Study Group from Fryslân, The Netherland


Thadhal buidheann de thidsearan is comharlaichean ò taobh tuath na h-Òlaind air Roinn na Gàidhlig o chionn ghoirid. Fhuair tidsearan is sgoilearan Roinn na Gàidhlig cothrom bruidhinn riutha is iad an còmhla rinn dà fheasgar. Chuala sinn mar a thathar a’ teagasg Fryske, Dùitseach agus Beurla anns na sgoiltean aca. Chòrd e riutha na sgoilearan againn fhaicinn is bha còmhraidhean innteannach eatarrain. Daoine air leth gasta a bh’annta is chòrd an turas aca riuthasan agus rinne gu mòr!

A group consisting of twenty Frisian primary and secondary school teachers and educational advisers in multilingualism and visited the Gaelic Department recently. The teachers work in trilingual schools in the Province of Fryslân, in the north of the Netherlands. Languages taught in their schools are Dutch, Friesian and English.

The group visited our Gaelic Dept. with the aim of learning about Gaelic medium education. They visited other organisations in the Highlands but the particular focus of their visit was on Gàidhlig secondary  and primary  education. They were very interested in the work of the Department and enjoyed meeting our staff and comparing education systems. They also enjoyed meeting our pupils and hearing from them about learning in Gaelic and about the Gaelic culture.

Before the group’s arrival, pupils had been involved in studying minority languages in Europe, marking European Day of Languages on 26th September. Our pupils researched a number of languages such as Sorbian, Galician , Frisian, Occitan, Walloon Catalan and Sami prior to the visit. The Frisian group enjoyed looking at the wall displays created by pupils and also enjoyed hearing S3 Eachdraidh (GM History) pupils talking in Gaelic whilst presenting their PowerPoint displays about trench warfare during the Great War.

The visiting group helped our pupils to learn some Frisian phrases:

Frysk                                     Gàidhlig                                               Beurla

Hoe giet it?                         Ciamar a tha thu?                            How are you?

Goed                                     Tha gu math                                      I’m well

Hoe hjitsto?                       Dè an t-ainm a th’ ort?                  What is your name?

Ik hjit maitane..                Is mise..                                              My name is..


Chòrd e rium nuair a thàinig na Frisians dhan chlas. Bha e math cluinntinn cànan eile agus bruidhinn riutha nuair a bha iad a’ faighneachd cheistean. Tha mi an dòchas gun do chòrd an turas riutha.

Eilidh AS3


The Frisian flag, showing seven lily pads – one for each province.

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Ag èisteach ri òraid ar sgoilearan


A’ toirt sùil air stuthan teagaisg Roinn na Gàidhlig


Òraid mun Chiad Chogadh



Eòlas na h-Alba

Three senior pupils are undertaking the Scottish Studies course this year. They each have to select a topic, set themselves aims, carry out research and produce an activity to demonstrate their findings. This term they have been focusing on research skills and exploring resources available to them.This included two trips out of school as detailed below. Thanks to staff of Inverness Town Library and the Highland Archive Centre for their time and help.

Town Library Trip

On the 12th September, the Scottish Studies group took a tour to the Town Library to try and find information on each of our topics and learn how the library works and what kind of collections of books they have. They have a wide variety of books and of different genres. I found the trip to the library very useful in helping me find the research I need for my report and would consider going back to gather more information.

Paul Usher

Archive Trip

Last week, on the 27th September, the three of us went to the Archive Centre to research for the topics which we chose. When we arrived at the Archive Centre, we were given a tour of the building. We were shown where old documents were stored and how old documents were repaired if they had rips. Personally, I did not learn a lot from the Archive centre because they did not have the things I needed for my topic but others found it useful.

Fiona MacInnes

Tha leabharlann agus ionad tasglann tadhal a’ còrdadh rium. Tha e uabhasach inntinneach agus feumail agus is toigh leam ag ionnsachadh sgìlean ùra nuadh cuideachd. Chunnaic mi seann leabhraichean agus cinneadh craobh-teachlaich.

Kirsteen Meiklejohn