Taic le Gàidhlig

The Gaelic department offers a homework/study club aimed at S1 and S2 Gaelic every Wednesday at 1pm in Room 234. Pupils are invited to drop in for help with homework, support with topics covered in class or for a bit of extra practice.

Other year groups and Gàidhlig pupils are also welcome.

Please come along or speak to your class teacher before the deadline if you have any problems with homework. We are here to help!

See below for the club poster.

Taic le Gaidhlig



Fàilte gu Roinn na Gàidhlig


Tha sinn a’ toiseachadh bliadhna ùr ann an sgoil ùr! Seo Roinn na Gàidhlig mar a tha e an-dràsta. Barrachd dealbhan ri thighinn…

Welcome to the Gaelic department in the new IRA building. Here are a few pictures of how the department looks just now. More photos will follow as wall displays are completed.