Rannsachadh Gàidhlig sa Choimhearsnachd

Attachment 1 GAELIC PRIZE

Rinn clasaichean Gàidhlig obair mhòr a’ rannsachadh co mheud buidheann eadar-dhealaichte a tha a’ cleachdadh Gàidhlig nan obair.  Bhuannaich Roinn na Gàidhlig duais £400 airson an rannsachadh a rinn iad.

Comunn na Gàidhlig ran a competition last term which invited Scottish schools teaching Gaelic to record examples of the language being used by communities and businesses.   Gaelic classes in the academy got involved in this project.  Their work will feed into research by HIE on the economic and social impact of Gaelic.  We are delighted to announce that our school submitted the longest list of businesses and groups using the language and won first prize, receiving £400 which will be used in the Gaelic department.  .  Pictured are some of the pupils who were involved in the project with their list of over 150 businesses and groups from all over Scotland that are using Gaelic in some way.