Cafaidh Gàidhlig

Tha Cafaidh Gàidhlig a’ tachairt gach Diciadain aig àm lòn, le farpais-cheist, geamaichean agus briosgaidean. Uaireanan, bidh sgoilear à sgìre Pheairt a’ gabhail pàirt cuideachd air ceangal bhideo. Tha an club seo gu math spòrsail agus saor ‘s an asgaidh agus fàilte air na fileantaich uile ann an S1/2. 



Mòd Ionadail Inbhir Nis

All Gaelic and Gàidhlig pupils should have received a letter home inviting them to take part in this year’s local Mòd. These should be returned to the Gaelic department as soon as possible indicating if your child wishes to take part in this year’s Mòd, and if so, which competitions your child would like to enter. Nil returns are requested.

Local Mod letter 2018

Dè a-nis?

Anna MacLeod S1 recently took part in Dè a-nis?. Here is an account of her experience and the episode can be seen on iplayer – Dè a-nis? – Anna

Anns a phrògram “Dè a-nis?” bha mi a’ bruidhinn air de tha mi airson a’ dhèanamh nuair a tha mi a fàgail an sgoil. Tha mi ag iarraidh a bhith nam leasaiche ciùil (music therapist) air sgàth tha e a còrdadh rium a’ faicinn gàire air aodainn dhaoine.

Bha mi uabhasach toilichte nuair a fhuair mi a-mach gun robh mi gu bhith air an T.Bh. Bha mi a’ deasachadh air a shon le bhith a practasadh am piàna agam agus seinn.

Chaidh mi gu Camshron House airson beagan den fhiolmadh. Tha mi air a bhith aig Camshron House tòrr le bhith seinn agus a’ bruidhinn ris na residents. Tha e a còrdadh rium air sgàth bith gàire air na aodannan aca is tha iad a’ bruidhinn rium cuideachd agus ag innse stòraidhean sgoinneil dhomh. Tha gach duine ann an Camshron House còir. A chiad turas a chaidh mi gu Camshron House sann ann an Clas 7 còmhla ris a bhun-sgoil agam is chòrd e rium cho mòr ‘s gun robh mi airson a thighinn air ais anns an ùine agam fhèin.

Anns am prògram tha mi a’ faighinn a-mach tòrr rudan mu dheidhinn music therapy bho an tidsear piàna agam a tha na leasaiche ciùil ceart.
Mar eisimpleir:
-Tha feum agam tòrr practice a dhèanamh air na h-ionnsramaidean agam.
-Tha e math diofar ionnsramaidean ionnsachadh.
-Tha a h-uile latha diofaraichte.

Tha mi a’ smaoineachadh gur e music therapy deagh dhòigh air tòrr diofar dhaoine a’ chuideachadh ,agus gàire a’ chuir air na h-aodannan aca.

Duais Iain Muir


Tha Duais Iain Muir a’ toirt cothrom do dh’òigridh a bhith gabhail pàirt ann am prògram spòrsail tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig agus teistteanas aithnichte a chosnadh tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig. ‘S ann air “talamh fiadhaich” agus an àrainneachd a tha an duais stèidhichte le gach buidheann a’ taghadh àite san sgìre aca fhèin agus ga rannsachadh thar mìosan. Tha seo a’ tachairt tro sheiseanan spòrs, àrainneachd, ainmean-àite, obair dùthcha agus cur-seachadan a-muigh.

 Ceangal an seo:


Language Nut

Through the combined efforts of French, German and Gaelic pupils, Inverness Royal Academy is back in 2nd place on LanguageNut!

Some pupils have shown a great commitment and this can be tracked by class teachers. In Gaelic, special mention goes to Annalise in S1 who has clearly been taking on a lot of extra obair-dachaigh. ‘S math a rinn thu 🙂


S3 Gaelic Scilt Business Brunch

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Some S3 Gaelic and Modern Languages pupils attended a Business Brunch run by Scilt which aimed to encourage uptake of languages through the senior phase by emphasising some of the job opportunities languages bring. Some of the pupils have reflected on the day and the impact it has had on them.


Yesterday we went to the Silt business brunch and heard from speakers from lots of different companies and some of their experiences with languages and how it helped them to get to where they are now.

It started with going round the stalls and asking each company questions about what they want to do.

Then after a talk from SCILT about the day, we went to see a speaker from Penta hotels, who was Hungarian and he spoke of the importance of languages as his language- Hungarian- has few speakers so learning more was very important. He was made to learn Russian as a child but he refused. However as an adult he was given the opportunity to work in Moscow but he couldn’t because he didn’t know the language. Overall, I learned the imporatance of language and to take opportunity when it comes.


Yesterday, we went to this event called Scilt business brunch in the Kingsmills. It was an opportunity to learn what language could do for you in later life and how helpful it is for your CV and other things. I thought the day was very helpful some of it was very boring but it helped hearing what you could possibly do in life and the places you could go.

Everyone especially enjoyed the bacon and sausage rolls and tea and coffee. But the event was very good and I would recommend it for others to learn all about it.


I really enjoyed yesterday at the business brunch as it was a beneficial event. I learned a lot about how languages can and potentially will be useful in businesses and the workforce. The business lunch, ran by Scilt for the third year languages was an event to try and aware the importance of languages in the workforce with businesses. The day was broken up with the market place stalls and the general presentations. I really enjoyed learning about the stalls and I also appreciated the stall members trying their hardest to ask the pupils including me and our questions about how Gaelic would be useful in the workforce. I now feel more than ever how important languages are for especially employment in the workforce. I had made up a lot of Gaelic based questions and all the stalls managed to answer my keen questions. The presentations were also helpful and made me realise the imporatance of Gaelic now and if I was to take my studies further. The day was well prepared and organised which was beneficial to everyone who took part in the day. The tea, coffee, cakes and food prepared was very nice which gave us even more chance to speak to one another about Gaelic language and general languages. BBC Alba was the most important and interesting personally as it was basically set on the Gaelic language. Seonaidh MacKenzie was huge help for us learning about how Gaelic is so important for his company and in general. In BBC Alba alone employment would occur much easier if you could speak Gaelic. BBC News for example has camera men, weather people and technology assisting people which pretty much dominantly can speak Gaelic. Penta Hotel was probably another favourite business for me as it gave me a clear understanding on how it is beneficial to speak a second or other languages as a worker in the Penta Hotel as a barman, hospitality, front desk people for example would be employed much more easily if they could speak more than one language as there are many customers from all over the world. The day was held at a really nice place the Kingsmills Hotel. The day was set up really well, and there was nobody just wandering about doing nothing. I would definitely go again if I had the chance to because it opened up my options with Gaelic language, even as a learner. The whole day kind of inspired me to learn my language more fluently and with a better understanding. Overall review of the day was an excellent day out. Next time, if I was to go I would like to see more powerpoint presentations with video and audio on it. At the stall I would have liked to have seen presentations with examples you can and could do in the business world with different languages.


Silt business brunch wasn’t really interactive. Most of the markets were only talking about themselves and not what the type of opportunities you would face if taking a language.

I liked some bits, but others weren’t really that interesting.

The presentations were interesting but pretty boring at some points. They went for long periods of time which easily got boring.

I thought that Paula’s presentation has dsome interesting moments like how languages took her to the position that she is in today.

Overall I didn’t really enjoy most parts within the brunch.


Yesterday S3 Gaelic attended a business brunch. This was to discuss how languages are so vital for you to get a job. The day felt long but it was worth it. There was a bonus of unlimited tea and coffee and as many breakfast rolls as you wanted. They also took out biscuits later on in the day. Although some stands were a bit boring the majority of them had very interesting things to say. One of the stands was called the Penta Hotel. The guy who was talking said something interesting, that if he took Russian in school then he’d be able to work in Russia and see the world cup. Gaelic wasn’t really involved in the majority of the day, it was just added on at the end.