Mòd Inbhir Nis 2019

Abair gu robh Acadamaidh Rìoghail Inbhir Nis soirbheachail aig Mòd Inbhir Nis am bliadhna! Seo agaibh mar a chaidh dhuinn:

We had another hugely successful Mòd on Friday. Here are the Inverness Royal Academy results:

SGEULACHD SGRÌOBHTE – WRITTEN STORY Àrd-sgoiltean Secondary Schools Cuspair sam bith – Own choice

Orla Johnson

EALAIN – ART Clann 13 gu 18 Children 13 to 18

1st Finlay MacLennan

2nd Orla Johnson

3rd Katie Russell

FIDHEALL FIDDLE Clann aois 13 gu 15 Children 13 to 15 Slow Gaelic Air, March, Strathspey & Reel

2nd Finlay MacLennan

SEINN AON-GHUTHACH – SOLO SINGING SEANN NÒS – TRADITIONAL Clann aois 13 gu 15 Children 13 to 15 Own Choice

1st Anna NicLeòid

2nd Katie Russell

SEINN AON-GHUTHACH – SOLO SINGING SEANN NÒS – TRADITIONAL Clann aois 16 gu 18 Children 16 to 18 Own Choice

1st Eilidh MacPhee

2nd Alix Aburn

AITHRIS RANN – VERSE SPEAKING Clann aois 13 gu 15 Fileanta Children 13 to 15 Fluent 

2nd Eilidh Russell

3rd Katie Russell

AITHRIS RANN – VERSE SPEAKING Clann aois 12 Luchd-ionnsachaidh Children 12 Learners 

2nd Eve Oliphant

AITHRIS RANN – VERSE SPEAKING Clann aois 13 gu 15 Luchd-ionnsachaidh Children 13 to 15 Learners 

1st Josh Wilson

3rd Amy Robertson

CÒMHRADH – CONVERSATION Clann aois 13 gu 15 Fileanta Children 13 to 15 Fluent

3rd Finlay MacLennan

CÒMHRADH – CONVERSATION Clann aois 13 gu 15 Luchd-ionnsachaidh Children 13 to 15 Learners

1st Josh Wilson

LEUGHADH AIR A’ CHIAD SEALLADH – READING AT SIGHT Clann aois 13 gu 15 Fileanta Children 13 to 15 Fluent

1st= Eilidh Russell

1st= Finlay MacLennan

3rd Iain Hunter

CÒMHRADH – CONVERSATION Clann aois 16 gu 18 Fileanta Children 16 to 18 Fluent

1st  Eilidh MacPhee

2nd Alix Aburn

CLÀRSACH – HARP Adhartach – Advanced 2 Contrasting Gaelic Airs

2nd Amy Watson

CLÀRSACH – HARP A’ Chiad ìre – Elementary 2 Contrasting Gaelic Airs

2nd Ciara MacDonald

PIÀNA – PIANO Slow Gaelic Air and March Clann 13 gu 18 Children 13-18

1st Poppy Craig-MacLeman

PÌOBAIREACHD – PIPING 4-Part March Clann fo aois 15 Children under 15

1st Calum Dunbar

PÌOBAIREACHD – PIPING Strathspey and Reel Clann fo aois 15 Children under 15

1st Calum Dunbar

PÌOBAIREACHD – PIPING March, Strathspey & Reel Clann fo aois 19 Children under 19

1st Eilidh MacPhee

PÌOBAIREACHD – PIPING Jig Clann fo aois 19 Children under 19

1st Eilidh MacPhee

2nd Calum Dunbar

PÌOBAIREACHD – PIPING Pìobaireachd Clann fo aois 19 Children under 19

1st Calum Dunbar


 Allan C MacLeod Trophy – Orla Johnson

Jessie Cameron Trophy – Anna MacLeod

Sgiath Meur Inbhir Nis de An Comunn – Calum Dunbar

Inverness Piping Society Trophy – Eilidh MacPhee

Mrs Jean Wilkinson Memorial Cup – Poppy Craig-MacLeman

Also taking part on the day were:

Rory Urquhart

Ryan MacKenzie

Katie Torrens

Breagha Dunbar

Ailsa Main

Jessie Findlay

Annalise Beith


Mapa Mòr

Thàing Spòrs Gàidhlig ar faicinn an-dè agus thug iad leotha am Mapa Mòr. Fhuair a h-uile clas a bha anns an Roinn cothrom a dhol ann (ach S3 Gàidhlig gu mì-fhortanach – duilich) agus bha e fosgailte do dhaoine sam bith aig àm lòn. Abair gun do chòrd e rinn uile! Tapadh leibh Spòrs Gàidhlig agus Shona bho ChnaG.

Turas dhan BBC

Two S3 Gaelic pupils, Andrew and John, recently visited the Inverness BBC studio and found out about careers in the media and how Gaelic can be useful. Seonaidh MacCoinnich showed us round and introduced us to lots of BBC staff who were able to tell us about their role in the organisation. Andrew and John were able to have a go at sitting in the An La news chair and try out the auto cue before getting to grips with how editing is done. It was a really useful experience and has given John and Andrew lots to think about. Tapadh leibh Seonaidh airson a bhith cho cuideachail!

Fàilte P7!

Miss McLennan has been on the road recently visiting all of the primary schools which will soon have P7s coming to the IRA. Some schools have already done some beginner’s Gaelic but some haven’t done any at all.

It’s not long until P7s will be here with us for their visit days. All P7 pupils will be able to experience life in the secondary for three days from Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th June. Hopefully there will be at least one Gaelic class timetabled on these days, allowing you to meet your new class mates.

Suirbhidh Gàidhlig Young Scot

Young Scot are looking for pupils’ thoughts and experiences of Gaelic. Whether you are fluent, a learner or have no Gaelic at all, they would like to hear from you. The survey takes 5-6 minutes to complete and is open until 22nd March. Anyone who takes part will be rewarded with 50 Young Scot Reward points.

“‘S ann suirbhidh airson fios fhaighinn mu na beachdan is a th’ aig na h-òigridh mun a Ghàidhlig agus cuideachd airson barrachd fhaighinn a-mach mu na tha na h-òigridh fhèin ag iarraidh a-mach as an obair Gàidhlig a tha a’ dol aig Young Scot.

Nuair a tha na sgoilearan deiseil leis an suirbhidh thathar fhaighinn 50 puing airson Young Scot Rewards. Chan eil e a’ toirt ach 5-6 mionaidean agus tha i fosgailte gus an dàrna là air fhichead den mìos seo.”


FilmG 2019

This year saw two entries to FilmG from classes at Inverness Royal Academy and a further entry from two pupils who made a film entirely in their own time.

Some pupils from S1 Gaelic made a poignant film exploring the school’s experience of WW1. This was especially appropriate as we mark 100 years since the end of the war.

Some S1 Gaidhlig pupils took a more light-hearted approach and followed competitors preparing for a ‘talent’ show.

Breagha Dunbar and Ceitidh Russell created a film looking at the move from primary to secondary school.

Unfortunately, the two films made in school have not been shortlisted for a FilmG award this year but Breagha and Ceitidh are on the list for Best Youth Mobile Short. Gu math theid leibh!

The award ceremony takes place at the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow on Friday 8th February and we wish Breagha and Ceitidh the best of luck!

Mòd Inbhir Nis 2019

The Inverness Local Mòd takes place at Eden Court on Friday 21st June. All Gaelic and Gàidhlig pupils are encouraged to take part in at least one competition of their choosing. Competitions include solo singing, duets, verse speaking, conversation, piping, reading at sight, art and literature. Competition entry costs £2 per competition up to a maximum charge of £6. Pupils will be supported in their learning of songs and poems and prior experience is not necessary.

Letters will be sent home this week asking parents/carers to discuss this opportunity with their child and let us know which competitions your child would like to take part in. If your child does not want to take up this opportunity, we would appreciate acknowledgement that the letter has been received via the appropriate tear-off slip.

Siuthad! Gabh an cothrom.