The annual Skills Development Scotland / Highland Council Gaelic careers event took place at Eden Court on Wednesday 9th October. Senior pupils from Gaelic and Gaidhlig classes were in attendance and had to opportunity to take part in workshops and visit exhibitors. The event encouraged pupils to consider their future career paths and think about how Gaelic may be useful to them in the world of work. We even made the news!

“Chòrd an latha rium gu mòr. Dh’ionnsaich mi tòrr mu dheidhinn obraichean Gàidhlig” Bethany

“Bha an latha sgoinneil, dh’ionnsaich mi gu bheil tòrr obraichean ann tron Gàidhlig” Niamh

“Thug e orm smaoineachadh mu mar a tha dà-chananachas a’ toirt buaidh air mo bheatha agus na cothroman a th’ agam” Ruairidh

“Chòrd e rium tòrr agus dh’ionnsaich mi tòrr mu dheidhinn na cothroman obrach ann an Gàidhlig. Cha robh dad ceàrr leis agus bha an latha uabhasach math” Finlay

“Dh’ionnsaich mi tòrr aig Siuthad mu dheidhinn Gàidhlig agus chord an latha rium gu mòr” Marianna

“I enjoyed the day and learnt lots from it, especially Joan Duncan’s workshop where we were learning what skills we already have and learning what animal we were most like” Emma

“Chòrd Siuthad rium gu mòr, dh’ionnsaich mi tòrr mu dheidhinn na cothroman a tha ann leis a’ Ghàidhlig. Chòrd na stallaichean a bha steidhichte mun cuairt Eden Court rium oir bha cothrom agad a’ bruidhinn ri tòrr buidhnean” Calum

“Chòrd e rium gu mòr, oir fhuair sinn a-mach mu dheidhinn na diofar cothroman a tha ri fhaighinn tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig” Matthew


Young Scot a’ tadhal oirnn

Thàinig Rachael agus Ruairidh bho Young Scot gus bruidhinn ri clasaichean mu phròiseactan a th’ aca co-ceangailte ri Gàidhlig. Chòrd an comhradh rinn agus bha e fìor mhath freebies fhaighinn cuideachd!

Young Scot held workshops in department this week to discuss their various Gaelic projects with pupils and get feedback on ideas. Pupils also learnt how to get the most out of their Young Scot cards.

“Bha na freebies uabhasach math”


“Bha na freebies agus an info mu dheidhinn Young Scot uabhasach math”

“Fhuair mi a-mach gu bheil Young Scot a’ dèanamh tòrr a bharrachd na discounts! Bha e math gun robh iad a’ faighneachd mu na rudan a bha sinn ag iarraidh”

“Fhuair mi tòrr a-mach mu dheidhinn na diofar rudan a tha Young Scot a’ dèanamh tro Gàidhlig”

“Bha e math”

“Dh’ionnsaich mi gun urrainn dhut do chairt Young Scot a chleachdadh airson tòrr diofar rudan”

Oidhche Fhosgailte AS1 / S1 Open Evening for S1 Parents

We were delighted to welcome parents of S1 pupils to the department on Thursday 3rd October as part of the whole school open evening. Parents had the chance to visit classrooms to see our learning environments and examples of pupil work. Many commented on the bright, modern rooms and pupils enjoyed showing where they sit in class and work they have completed so far.

A’ Chiad Teirm: The First Term Flying By!

Tha e duilich a chreidinn gur e siud seachdain a sia seachad!

It’s hard to believe how quickly the past six weeks have flown in, our 1M2 Gàidhlig pupils have settled in well to their GME classes. In Gàidhlig lessons, pupils have been working from the ‘Mi Fhèin’ workbook, which works on developing reading, writing, listening and conversational skills in Gaelic. 1M2 have been working on writing pieces, such as ‘Caraid Pinn’ [Penpals] and a creative piece titled ‘An Sgàthan’ [the mirror], and have had opportunities to either write drama scripts, short stories or storyboards for their narratives. Here’s some of the work produced so far:

1M2 have been brushing up on their grammar as a class, using the smartboard to translate some ‘common mistakes’ back into Gàidhlig.

1M2 have a ‘Facal na Seachdaine’, a word of the week, that they should try and incorporate into their classwork where appropriate, across any of the four language skills. This week’s word was ‘GLIONGAIRE’, meaning chatterbox!

After looking at some ‘dùbhlain le buadhairean’, challenges with adjectives, 1M2 took to drawing up some posters to be laminated and used for reference for both GME pupils and Gaelic Learner pupils. Nach math a rinn iad!


Pupils have been brushing up on their vocab on the topic of ‘Mi Fhèin’, meaning Myself, and have been working across the four language skills in preparation for their prelims in November. Class work [powerpoints; word documents; vocab booklets and revision exercises] is available on Google Classroom in which all S4 pupils are enrolled. They are to be encouraged to review class notes at home and to make use of other revision tools such as QUIZLET and BBC BITESIZE to brush up on vocabulary and work on identifying different regular and irregular verbs in Gaelic.


2R3 achieved high marks overall on their test on ‘The Time’, and have since been working on sentence builders and revising the basic structures such as ‘tha mi’ [I am…] ‘Is e’ [it is…] etc. We have also taken time to revise and brush up on vocab learned all the way back in the beginning of S1 using Quizlet – if pupils spend 5 minutes a day playing Quizlet over the course of their time in BGE Gaelic S1-3, that equivocates 93 hours-worth of Gaelic vocab revision. Iongantach/Incredible! This week we began our new topic ‘An Teaghlach’, looking at family members, pets and being able to describe them. This unit will end with a focus on speaking skills, where pupils are expected to practice and record a short talk with a friend or the teacher talking about their family and pets they have or would like.


3R3 have been working on ‘Coltasan’, or appearances, and have worked on comparatives and superlatives in Gaelic such as bigger, smaller, smallest etc. They recently worked through a general reading paper from the days of Standard Grades, and coped exceptionally well with answering the questions for their full marks and using good dictionary skills. Pupils are to be reminded to make use of resources such as LanguageNut and QUIZLET at home for recapping their vocab learned so far in S1 & 2 Gaelic.

Òraid bhon Ollamh Antonella Sorace

Professor Antonella Sorace will be visiting the Inverness Royal Academy Gaelic department to speak to senior pupils on Thursday 26th September thanks to the Royal Society of Edinburgh. We are very fortunate that she has also agreed to give an evening public lecture to which all pupils, parents and our local community are invited.

Why Gaelic matters: connecting research and communities

Antonella Sorace

University of Edinburgh and Bilingualism Matters

Research shows that bilingualism in any languages, regardless of their status, prestige, and worldwide diffusion, can give children a range of linguistic, cognitive and social benefits. Some of these benefits have also been found in adult second language learners, both younger and much older. I will first briefly present the main facts and benefits of bilingualism over the lifespan, focusing in particular on current research on Gaelic and other minority languages. I will then argue that more attention should be paid by parents, educators and policy makers to bilingual children’s attitudes and perception of their languages. I will then suggest that revitalization of minority languages crucially depends on community foundations for bilingual education and inter-generational transmission. Finally, I will show how the dissemination of correct information on bilingualism can enable informed decisions in minority language communities.


Antonella Sorace is Professor of Developmental Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. She is a world leading authority in the field of bilingual language development across the lifespan, where she brings together methods from linguistics, experimental psychology, and cognitive science. She is also committed to disseminating the findings of research on bilingualism in different sectors of society. She is the founding director of the information centre Bilingualism Matters, which currently has 26 branches in 10 European countries, in the US, in the Middle East, and in China.

Cothroman do sgoilearan AS4-6 / S4-6 Pupils upcoming opportunities

Pupils in S4-6 are invited to attend the upcoming Siuthad careers event which will take place at Eden Court on Wednesday 9th October. Pupils will have an opportunity to meet with potential employers and explore options available to them beyond school. Transport to and from the school and lunch will be provided. All senior pupils studying Gaelic or Gaidhlig are strongly encouraged to attend and should return their permission letters to Miss McLennan as soon as possible.

S4-6 Gaelic and Gaidhlig pupils are also invited to attend an open day at Sabhal Mor Ostaig exploring the courses available and the campus. This takes place on Friday 1st November and transport will be provided. Pupils interested in this opportunity should give their names to Miss McLennan or Mrs MacPhee.

Mòd Inbhir Nis 2019

Abair gu robh Acadamaidh Rìoghail Inbhir Nis soirbheachail aig Mòd Inbhir Nis am bliadhna! Seo agaibh mar a chaidh dhuinn:

We had another hugely successful Mòd on Friday. Here are the Inverness Royal Academy results:

SGEULACHD SGRÌOBHTE – WRITTEN STORY Àrd-sgoiltean Secondary Schools Cuspair sam bith – Own choice

Orla Johnson

EALAIN – ART Clann 13 gu 18 Children 13 to 18

1st Finlay MacLennan

2nd Orla Johnson

3rd Katie Russell

FIDHEALL FIDDLE Clann aois 13 gu 15 Children 13 to 15 Slow Gaelic Air, March, Strathspey & Reel

2nd Finlay MacLennan

SEINN AON-GHUTHACH – SOLO SINGING SEANN NÒS – TRADITIONAL Clann aois 13 gu 15 Children 13 to 15 Own Choice

1st Anna NicLeòid

2nd Katie Russell

SEINN AON-GHUTHACH – SOLO SINGING SEANN NÒS – TRADITIONAL Clann aois 16 gu 18 Children 16 to 18 Own Choice

1st Eilidh MacPhee

2nd Alix Aburn

AITHRIS RANN – VERSE SPEAKING Clann aois 13 gu 15 Fileanta Children 13 to 15 Fluent 

2nd Eilidh Russell

3rd Katie Russell

AITHRIS RANN – VERSE SPEAKING Clann aois 12 Luchd-ionnsachaidh Children 12 Learners 

2nd Eve Oliphant

AITHRIS RANN – VERSE SPEAKING Clann aois 13 gu 15 Luchd-ionnsachaidh Children 13 to 15 Learners 

1st Josh Wilson

3rd Amy Robertson

CÒMHRADH – CONVERSATION Clann aois 13 gu 15 Fileanta Children 13 to 15 Fluent

3rd Finlay MacLennan

CÒMHRADH – CONVERSATION Clann aois 13 gu 15 Luchd-ionnsachaidh Children 13 to 15 Learners

1st Josh Wilson

LEUGHADH AIR A’ CHIAD SEALLADH – READING AT SIGHT Clann aois 13 gu 15 Fileanta Children 13 to 15 Fluent

1st= Eilidh Russell

1st= Finlay MacLennan

3rd Iain Hunter

CÒMHRADH – CONVERSATION Clann aois 16 gu 18 Fileanta Children 16 to 18 Fluent

1st  Eilidh MacPhee

2nd Alix Aburn

CLÀRSACH – HARP Adhartach – Advanced 2 Contrasting Gaelic Airs

2nd Amy Watson

CLÀRSACH – HARP A’ Chiad ìre – Elementary 2 Contrasting Gaelic Airs

2nd Ciara MacDonald

PIÀNA – PIANO Slow Gaelic Air and March Clann 13 gu 18 Children 13-18

1st Poppy Craig-MacLeman

PÌOBAIREACHD – PIPING 4-Part March Clann fo aois 15 Children under 15

1st Calum Dunbar

PÌOBAIREACHD – PIPING Strathspey and Reel Clann fo aois 15 Children under 15

1st Calum Dunbar

PÌOBAIREACHD – PIPING March, Strathspey & Reel Clann fo aois 19 Children under 19

1st Eilidh MacPhee

PÌOBAIREACHD – PIPING Jig Clann fo aois 19 Children under 19

1st Eilidh MacPhee

2nd Calum Dunbar

PÌOBAIREACHD – PIPING Pìobaireachd Clann fo aois 19 Children under 19

1st Calum Dunbar


 Allan C MacLeod Trophy – Orla Johnson

Jessie Cameron Trophy – Anna MacLeod

Sgiath Meur Inbhir Nis de An Comunn – Calum Dunbar

Inverness Piping Society Trophy – Eilidh MacPhee

Mrs Jean Wilkinson Memorial Cup – Poppy Craig-MacLeman

Also taking part on the day were:

Rory Urquhart

Ryan MacKenzie

Katie Torrens

Breagha Dunbar

Ailsa Main

Jessie Findlay

Annalise Beith